Cold Callers

Build a Remote Team of Affordable Cold Callers

If you want to increase sales, adding additional cold callers to your team is a great way to find warm leads or test out a new market. 

Great English Accents

We primarily build cold-calling teams out of Ethiopia because that is the easiest place to source American-leaning accents. Audio recordings of sample English accents are available and readily available.

Call Volumes

The number of calls per day varies on the script and product/service being sold. However, most cold-callers will do: 

  • 125 calls per day on a manual dialer
  • 200 calls per day on an automatic dialer

For clients who are seeking callers to leave voicemails or ask their clients quick questions, the volume can be dramatically higher. 

In general, all of our cold callers will perform at an equal rate to your in-house cold calling team.

Case Study 

A mid-sized American company with 10 in-house cold callers that work out of their Texas office wanted to increase sales. To make it more affordable, they trained three cold callers out of Ethiopia.  Within 6 months, they had increased their Ethiopian team to 7 cold callers, 2 appointment setters, and an Executive Assistant for a C-level executive. 

The Ethiopian cold callers perform on par with their American team, and even outperform them regularly.

Technology Required


  • Most of our clients prefer that the cold callers work directly out of their own CRM for ease and transparency.
  • For clients who are unable or unwilling to give CRM credentials, cold callers can pass warm leads to an in-house team member who will then enter the CRM on their behalf. A report and breakdown of the call volume and results will be provided.

Call List

  • The client will be required to provide a call list for the cold callers. We do work with Lead Generation teams that can help support this initiative if needed.


  • The cold callers can use the same dialer that the in-house team uses or purchase plans from a platform like or a similar alternative.

Stable Internet

  • Cold callers will work out of an office that has high-speed internet and a backup power generator. A laptop and headset will be provided for them.


The cold callers will work during the hours you prefer. Most of our cold callers work 9-5 EST hours. However, we have also set up teams that call PST, UK, and even Australian working hours.

Full-Time Assistance

All of our Cold Callers work on a full-time, 40-hours-per-week basis or part-time, 20 hours per week.


Our Cold-Callers are one-third of the price of an in-house Cold-Caller. Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more!

Risk-Free Trial

Try it risk-free for 90 days and cancel anytime you want. After that, we request a 30-day written notice to cancel. 

Social Impact

Help talented sales professionals in emerging countries access job opportunities in your company.