Cvent Support

Are you an event planner who utilizes Cvent for event registrations? 

Cvent is a platform that helps event planners build event registration sites. 

About Cvent Support

Cvent support can be expensive. An alternative exists in East Africa with a specialized, Cvent Event Certified, team with 13+ years of experience building event registration sites. This team works directly for Fortune 500 companies, event planners, and Cvent's own team and clients.

Type of Support

  • Cvent Event Registration Builds
  • Cvent Attendee Hub
  • Flex Sites
  • Crowd Compass
  • Live Event Tech Support


  • Over 10,000 event sites created
  • 150 team members
  • 1,000,000 hours of client support

How It Works

Flexible per-project support on hourly rates of $19 to $49 an hour based on volume.