Profits & Impact


If you are an entrepreneur or a business leader who would like to create a company that makes radically good profits and social impact, you can do both at the same time by creating ethical, sustainable partnerships in African countries. 

The Profits & Impact Program shows you how. 

It will help your company:

  • Save 2-5x on labor costs
  • Build affordable remote teams of developers, cold callers, customer service representatives
  • Create Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that makes a profound social impact
  • Increase your team's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I)
  • Help you retain your own in-house employees better

Here's what the program covers:

  • Support in creating an in-depth analysis of your company & the cost savings of onboarding African talent
  • Launch new products or services that can skyrocket your business by hiring African talent
  • Specific help in understanding what type of African talent is available & how to plug them into your company
  • Find affordable candidates and successfully train and onboard them
  • Develop an internship program where you can access affordable talent that also provides much-needed experience to African youth. (It's also a great way to test out potential candidates before hiring).
  • Learn how hiring African talent can align and develop your CSR and make it radically better
  • How to meet your DE&I goals through hiring African talent
  • How to share what you are doing with your clients, team, and in your marketing materials
  • BONUS: Plan a trip to Africa for you or your team (not needed, but a great excuse to travel to the continent!)

Is the Program Worth It?

Let's say your team needs a full time developer. The average salary of a developer in the U.S. is around $10,000 gross per month. This doesn't include 401(k) matching, tax, overhead, and other employee costs. 

You can hire an incredible, senior level developer in Rwanda for $3,000. You will save $84,000 in one year

If you are a larger company and hired 12 developers from Africa, you would save over $1 Million per year. 

The average rate for Virtual Assistants, Customer Care Representatives, and Sales Reps (Cold Callers) is around $8 per hour which represents around 50% per month in cost savings.

 Program Details 

 All programs begin on March 1, 2023. Must sign up before February 22, 2023.


Choose Your Program:


a) Course & One 1:1 call

  • Video Course + PDF Workbook
  • One 1:1 Call with Valerie (60 minutes long)

Investment: $1,000 USD (one-time payment)
*Sign up before February 17, 2022 for an additional 30 minute private call.

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b) Course & Bi-Monthly Group Calls

  • Video Course + PDF Workbook
  • Twice Monthly Group Calls for 3 Months

Investment: $5,000 USD (one-time payment)

*Sign up before February 17, 2022 for a BONUS one hour private call.

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c) Private Corporate Consulting

  • Video Course + PDF Workbook
  • 1:1 Call Each Week (for 3 months)
  • In-Depth Support including support building teams, providing DE&I training to your team, support with marketing materials and other in-depth help as needed

Investment: $10,000 USD (per month, for 3 months)

*Sign up before February 17, 2022 for an additional two weeks of support.

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"I look forward to helping radically transform your company by increasing your profits, better supporting your customers, and creating a social impact that will touch you and the many lives you change." -Valerie Bowden


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