Gorilla Conservation Coffee

Saving Gorillas One Sip at a Time.

Do you like good coffee, social impact, gorillas, and conservation? 

Our Story

Gorilla Conservation Coffee was started by a remarkable Ugandan woman named Dr. Gladys. She is a National Geographic Explorer, a United Nations "Champion of the Earth," and according to Jane Goodall, "has made a huge difference to conservation, poverty alleviation, and the role of women in society in Uganda."

Gorilla Conservation Coffee is specialty coffee, sourced directly from Bwindi which is the area in Uganda surrounding gorillas. Helping locals earn a sustainable good wage through farming coffee, encourages them to stop poaching and entering the gorilla's habitat to cut down trees for firewood. 

About the Coffee

Our single-origin, 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee is grown by farmers around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to endangered Mountain Gorillas. 

To make sure you get the best possible cup of coffee-- it is whole-bean coffee (not ground). 

Saving Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas are only found in three countries--Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are only 1,063 Mountain Gorillas alive today. There are no Mountain Gorillas in zoos or captivity which means the only hope of preventing extinction is through supporting them in the wild in places like Bwindi, Uganda.

The WWF has declared them critically endangered with poaching and loss of habitat two of the main reasons. Gorilla Conservation Coffee's mission is to save gorillas one sip at a time.

Social Impact

Gorilla Conservation Coffee is training, funding, and paying a premium to farmers to grow better coffee around the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This provides economic stability which prevents poaching and deforestation. 

A portion of all profits is also given to a non-profit called, Conservation Through Public Health, which Dr. Gladys started to improve the health of people living around Bwindi. 

When Dr. Gladys realized Mountain Gorillas were catching diseases from locals because they share the same environment, she realized that it was important to prevent and treat diseases of people living in the Bwindi community. 

This improves the lives of those who are in many ways the "Keepers of the Forest."

Conservation & Environmental Impact

Unlike other coffees that just donate to protect gorillas, Gorilla Conservation Coffee has a two-fold benefit. 

First, it sources coffee directly from the areas around the endangered mountain gorillas which prevents locals from going into the forest to cut down their habitat. It also pays farmers a premium price which prevents poaching and helps the community have a positive appreciation for these critically endangered animals. 

Second, a portion of every bag sold goes to Conservation Through Public Health which furthers the conservation and health of gorillas, locals, and bio-diversity. 

Who is Kanyonyi?

This blend of coffee is named after the former lead Silverback gorilla who was called, Kanyonyi. He was part of the Mubare Gorilla Group which was the first group of gorillas habituated for tourism at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. 

Kanyonyi's dad, Ruhondeza, was the head Silverback at that time. When he passed away, locals came to pay their respects showing that their relationship with park management and the gorilla population had greatly changed. His accommodating nature paved the way for tourism and significantly helped the local Bwindi people. 

Kanyonyi's sister was at one time ill and was successfully operated on by Dr. Gladys. She enjoyed babysitting Kanyonyi when he was younger. 

It is our hope that our special Kanyonyi blend of coffee will further conservation efforts while also providing a meaningful livelihood for farmers living near the critically endangered mountain gorillas.

Is it Fairtrade Certified? 

Gorilla Conservation Coffee is "Fairmade." It goes beyond Fairtrade by paying above Fairtrade prices. It is also roasted and packaged in Uganda creating 3-5X more social impact and more job employment opportunities for women and locals. 

Fairtrade certification is unfortunately very expensive--especially for smallholder farmers in Bwindi. Our fair-chain, transparent model ensures that each farmer receives $1.50 more per kilogram of coffee and has a meaningful and sustainable livelihood.

Our Values

Founded by a Ugandan woman, we are proudly made in Africa, supporting farmers, gorillas, and conservation.


Shipping Time

We have plenty of coffee in stock :) Orders ship out everyday Monday through Friday. For priority or expedited shipping, please contact us at hello@crdle.com. Thank you! 

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