At CRDLE, we help the world do bigger and better business with African farmers, brands, and innovators who are changing  communities, protecting our planet, and inspiring us to rise. 



We believe that the world would be a better place if more people traveled to Africa, infused their lives with more African values, and that bigger, better, value-added trade with Africa would change the planet.


Our philosophy is that African founders are the heroes, creating impact in their communities in countless ways, and changing global industries for the better. That’s why we do everything we can to support them in finding amazing customers who know that working with African brands is not only a smart business move, but also a seriously good way to change the world.


Our goal is to light your business up with all the vibes of a good safari by connecting you to the people on-the-ground creating products and outsourcing services that will take you and your customers on an unforgettable journey. One that doesn’t connotate aid or pity, and instead is about equal grounds, better practices, and inspires a more ethical way of working with Africa.


In 2013, Valerie Bowden backpacked across the length of the African continent going from Cape Town to Cairo by herself. After her journey, she relocated to Addis Ababa and spent eight years living in Ethiopia where she met her husband, Alula. Despite having a background in Social Work, she quickly realized that good, conscious business was creating the biggest social and environmental impact in African communities. Her mission is to help small and large companies do trade with Africa the right way, and to make finding premium customers the easiest part of business for the amazing African brands she serves.