Content Moderators

Create a Safe Space for Your Community

A Content Moderator is critical in today's world, particularly so given rapid advances in technology such as Generative Artificial Intelligence


  • Upholds a company's brand image
  • Ensures that your company does not tolerate hate speech, bigotry, or other negative language 
  • Providers a safe community and user experience
  • Protects social media pages from spam comments or inappropriate content 

What Does a Content Moderator Do?

  • Removes negative comments, hateful or racist speech, or anything that does not meet community standards
  • Replies to customer questions and comments
  • Determines if a comment or post meets the guidelines of your platform
  • Ensures all reviews and comments are reliable and relevant

Why Hire Content Moderators in Africa? 

We are proud to have built an incredible team of skilled Content Moderators on the African continent that have a competitive edge. This includes:

  1. Significantly more affordable than in-house team members and on par (and slightly more affordable) that teams in the Philippines or India
  2. Extreme mastery of the English language with the majority of African countries listing English as one of the National or Secondary languages
  3. Removed from the cultural biases of Western countries and able to make better-unbiased decisions

Get Started

Whether you need one Content Moderator or an entire Remote Team, we are excited to meet with your leadership team and discuss the incredible advantages of Content Moderators in Africa.