Graphic Designers

Find highly skilled designers, quality creatives, and video and podcast editors. 

Discover pre-vetted, African designers and witness the sheer talent they can bring to the table. 


  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Logo Designs
  • TikTok Videos, Instagram Reels, & Youtube Shorts 
  • Podcast Editing and Uploading
  • UX / UI Design
  • Social Media Managers
  • Web Design
  • Presentation
  • And more!


Finding graphic design support who can work on the back end and make your visions come to life is critical. 

  1. Affordable 
  2. Gives you and your team more time by having dependable, quality support on the backend
  3. Great English
  4. Highly Skilled

Who We Work With

We have Creative Partners throughout the continent including:

  • Small and Medium Creative Agencies
  • Enterprise-Focused Agencies (serving Fortune 1000 companies as well as large brands like Starbucks, Meta, AARP, Colgate, Alaska Airlines, and more)
  • Independent Graphic Designers

How We Work

We work with a variety of clients who need Graphic Design & Editing support. You can choose to work with a dedicated Graphic Designer on a Full-Time or Part-Time Basis. Alternatively, we work with partners who provide graphic design and editing support on a monthly subscription basis.