Salesforce Support

Save up to 70% with Salesforce Support backed by Salesforce Employees

Started by an incredible Salesforce employee, this initiative trains West Africans to be experts in Salesforce support.

Type of Support:

  • Salesforce Administrative Support
  • Data Migration
  • User Adoption & Training
  • AppExchange Products Implementation
  • Salesforce Products & Cloud Services
  • Data Analyst Services (Salesforce Tableau)

How It Works

Talented West African Trailblazers provide affordable Salesforce Support for your business. The organization is run by a Salesforce employee that provides active mentoring and troubleshooting on the backend to guarantee the results.

Levels of Support

Depending on the level of support needed, there are three options. 



2-3 Months of Support (up to 250 total hours) + 1 Year of Admin Support


  • Core Clouds (Sales/Service)
  • Education & Nonprofit Clouds
  • User Adoption & Training
  • Data Migration < 50k Records



3-6 Months of Support (up to 800 total hours) + 2 Years of Admin Support


  • Everything listed under CRAWL
  • AppExchange or Salesforce Products
  • Data Migration < $100k Records



Minimum 6 Months, Scope Dependent + 3 Years of Admin Support


  • Crawl + Walk +
  • Ongoing engagement based on new capabilities
  • Data Migration (unlimited)

Cost Savings

The average Salesforce Administrator costs $55k-$130k per year with data migration costing an additional $5k to $50k. 

However, by working with this initiative, you will pay up to 70% less of these prices.  

Quality Assurance 

All of the Trailblazers have completed a 1-year internship where they passed Salesforce Certifications and completed real work for organizations. They also received ongoing and continuous mentoring from actual Salesforce employees. 

For businesses who hire their services, all of the Trailblazers report and have their work monitored by a Salesforce employee guaranteeing the quality of their services.

For Non-Profits

Is there a non-profit that you want to support? You can do so by sponsoring a West African student for $5,000 to work for a non-profit of your choosing and help them gain real-world Salesforce work experience. 

The non-profit will receive free Salesforce support from the student and Salesforce Administration Support for a year. 

The student will be paired with a mentor at Salesforce to ensure work is done properly. 

The $5,000 donation is tax-deductible. 

If your business uses Salesforce, reach out for a free consultation and pricing quotation to understand how this project can help your team.