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Putting African Talent on the Map: The 'Hire 5.4%' Movement

by Valerie Bowden 17 Jul 2023
Putting African Talent on the Map: The 'Hire 5.4%' Movement

What is the 'Hire 5.4%' Movement?

Did you know that if every Fortune 1000 company hired 5.4% of their team members from the African continent it would create over 2 million jobs in African communities?
This would generate over $30 Billion USD in reoccurring revenue for the continent each year.
That's around 4X more than the amount of aid the US gives African countries.

What's the Link Between Climate Change?

The U.S. aid to Africa goes to support a variety of initiatives including building stronger African communities and job creation. If business owners adapted the 'Hire 5.4%" and created the 2 million jobs, the US could reallocate some of their aid to support other initiatives like climate change solutions. 

This is especially important because the US is one of the biggest offenders and African countries will be some of the most impacted. 

What Kind of Jobs Can Be Offshored in Africa?

Any job that is remote has the potential to be filled by someone with right skills in an African country. At CRDLE, we mostly focus on: 
  • Admin Assistants
  • Developers 
  • Date Entry
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Sales Reps / Callers
  • Graphic Design
For a full breakdown, check out our remote job positions

Why 5.4%?

The 5.4% came from the fact that Africa has 54 countries. However, it's also from years of working with clients who did want to prioritize hiring American (or local talent). 

The 'Hire 5.4%" allows almost 95% of a company's team to be in their own country. However, if all Fortune 1000 companies (or any global company) followed this principle it would create over 2 million+ jobs in African communities. 
Because African countries have a lower cost of living, African talent is more affordable. If a company has 5.4% of their team offshored to an African country, it's a big enough amount to make an impact on the bottom line.

Ethical Offshoring

When the news broke about Facebook hiring Content Moderators in Kenya for a $1 something per hour (if you haven't heard-- check out the video we posted breaking down the story) we felt it was extremely necessary to reinforce the idea of ethical offshoring. Meaning, one benefit of offshoring is clearly a more affordable rate (whether you are offshoring to India, The Philippines or somewhere in Africa) however, it does need to be fair and competitive within the African country. Paying $1 something per hour is not fair or ethical. 

Join the 5.4% Movement

Start small--whether that's one admin assistant or a developer and work up from there. You can also send a message to to book an appointment with our team to learn more about how to offshore successfully.

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